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Viagra products

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Viagra is a new approach to treatment of an impotence
Already long enough time a preparation viagra (VIAGRA ® /sildenafil citrate /) American firm "Pfizer" is applied in medical practice of all world to treatment of an impotence.

How works viagra on the man?

Viagra - preparation intended for treatment of an impotence. Each second man more senior than 30 years marked in the life the infringement of erection. Any the man is not insured from similar failures and troubles. Viagra is created specially for such cases. In an hour after taking 1 tablet of Viagra occurs erection, which is enough minimum for 1 sexual act.
It is necessary to note, that erection arises not in itself, but only at sexual excitation. Besides the reception of Viagra strengthens orgazm and satisfaction from the sexual act.

Whom the reception of Viagra is recommended to?

It is recommended to accept Viagra to all men with infringements or frustration of erection. And, it can be both incidental infringements of erection, and constant, down to complete impotence. There are no age restrictions on reception of Viagra (except that the preparation is not recommended to children).

How to accept Viagra?

Everything, that you should make, it to accept one tablet of Viagra approximately one hour prior to sexual activity. After approximately 30-60 minutes begin action of a preparation and proceeds within four hours. It is best to accept Viagra up to meal, as in this case it will work faster. The action of Viagra is those, that it is necessary to accept it only then, when you want to make the sexual act. It is not necessary to accept Viagra more once per day.

How to choose a doze of Viagra correctly?

Viagra is let out in three standard dosages: 25, 50 and 100 mg. Usually, Viagra is prescribed on the average dosage - 50 mg, and then, depending on effect dosage is corrected. Other approach - to begin treatment with minimal dosage, increasing it before good effect.
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